Women's Epik Collection

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Women's Epik Collection

Sombrio’s EPIK Collection is all about all about immersing yourself in big vistas & searching for your own special moments of magnificence. To us, an EPIK ride has tempo & rhythm, it is about discovering something new each time or picking a route on a map & moving ahead. We created our Women’s EPIK Collection with a specific sense of cadence but maintaining a casual, freeride style, knowing that big mountain pedals usually end in civilization. The choice of fabric, print & graphic inspiration creates a mood that is fearless with a healthy dose of utility—just what is needed when every ride can become an adventure.

From BC’s vast web of hand-built trail, to lift-assisted ranges in the Alps, to the high alpine goodness of the Colorado Rockies, & every strand of singletrack in-between, EPIK is designed for your personal journey.

Sombrio EPIK is with you all the way. Go explore.

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